Animal Reiki Practitioners Trainers' Certification Program

This is the fabulous opportunity to learn to train other people to do what you already love to do!  Working with Animals is such a privilege and a joy!  Now you can reach out and bring more people to the community of those who can offer Reiki to Animals.  We will help you each step of the way!  From how to teach to what to teach and how to promote your classes in your community.

This program is an amazing opportunity to reach thousands of additional animal lovers and offer them the gift of Animal Reiki understanding and expertise! To take this training, you must already have your Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification through us... this is Option ONE on our Animal Reiki web page. Through the Animal Reiki Practitioner Trainers' Certification Program, you will be able to deliver Animal Reiki Practitioner Training to members of your community or from anywhere you may travel in the world.  The only restriction is that once you graduate you cannot create an online training of your own... all your trainings must be in-person.  So, once you sign up for your training, you have acknowledged that you cannot create an online training with the knowledge you have gained from either of our programs. This training is not for the training of Equine Practitioners.