Hot Stone Therapy in REIKI

Our Premiere Sale Price until March 31st 2022 is only $449.  
This course will be $599 thereafter. 

Hot Stone Reiki is a terrific add on to your practice. It will enhance your own massage skills, your sense of touch and familiarity with your client. As you practice, the more you do stone massages, you will also be able to tune in to energies and messages from your stones.   The warmth and energy of the stones will relax your hands and energy. Hot Stone Reiki was originally a popular massage therapy technique that promotes pain relief, healing, and energy alignment. You will utilize hot stones to heat your clients body, relax muscles & ease stress, and promote body waste removal. The stones calmly bring your client into a parasympathetic state as it  improves general blood circulation through vasodilation.  This is a fascinating and highly useful training!