Counseling Fundamentals for Energy Workers, Intuitives and Others

A great support for Energy Workers or leaders of any kind!  We should all have counseling in our training,  This course is a marvelous practical study in the art of being present to your client and more... You will learn to understand the continuum of skills that you can provide in sessions with your client and the underlying needs that you fulfill through your efforts, such as; opening and closing sessions ethically and effectively, meeting your client and releasing your client, etc.
This course is an opportunity to discuss the human and relational aspects of working with people in a therapeutic context. In most Naturotherapeutic approaches, the actual therapy or healing rarely happens through talk alone, yet verbal communication is necessary in order for the practitioner to develop a relationship of trust with their client and to understand their personal experience, needs and goals. We will refer to counseling theory as a framework in presenting the skills necessary to effectively work with clients in compliment with a unique Naturotherapeutic approach. You will need to purchase the book Counseling and Therapy Skills 2011 by D.G. Martin, available on Amazon.ca.