Online Courses

CAD 689.99

Animal and Equine Reiki (ER) Full Practitioner Training

Animal and Equine Reiki (ER) Practitioner Certification Trainings are marvelous high quality college level trainings. We are trying to make the Animal World a better place, one animal at a time. Join us!

CAD 185.00

Applied Kinesiology - Muscle Testing - Certificate Provided

This is the perfect course for Energy Workers from any background. Muscle Testing (AK) is so invaluable to have as a technique to guide us in our work with others. This course will help you determine which organs and glands are in balance. Certificate...

CAD 87.00

Be In Your Heart Training Modules 1 - 6

This is the complete Be In Your Heart Training. In these modules you will learn the Halo Light Technique & Heart Light Technique, how to Cultivate the Heart of Compassion, Release and Responsiveness Techniques as well as Compassionate Listening and more..

CAD 165.00

Chakras, the Living Matrix and Earth Resonance

The Chakras and Living Matrix play a significant role in the process of really understanding how to direct appropriate healing methods and processes for the people who come to us for care. Why they work on our behalf is a vital part of your education.

CAD 150.00

Counseling Fundamentals for Energy Workers, Intuitives and Others

A great support for Energy Workers of any kind! We should all have counseling in our training, This course is a marvelous practical study in the art of being present to your client. You will learn to understand the continuum of skills that you can provide

CAD 135.00

Energy Connection of the Glands, Organs and Chakras AND Energy Self-Protection Course

Each Energy Worker/Naturotherapist needs to have an understanding of how each chakra is deeply involved in the health of particular organs and glands. We also include the Qi Gong system and how to provide Energy Self-Protection. An amazing course overall!

CAD 135.00

Energy Nutrition - Claiming Your Healthy Frequency

Whether you are an Energy Worker or an individual who wants to vibrate health, this course is a wonderful guide to claiming your frequency through Nutrition and healthy habits.

CAD 135.00

Energy Therapies - Principles and Practice

Each of us who work with Energy should know the contents within this course. What is energy? How is energy moved and what are the variations of practices that are accessible to the community? What categories of Energy Practices are there and more..?

CAD 575.00

Equine Reiki (ER) Practitioner Certification Training

Equine Reiki (ER) Practitioner Certification Training
This marvelous training is a high quality college level training created by a Rancher, Reiki Master/Teacher and Educator with a Master's Degree.

CAD 185.00

Intuitive Development Course Level I

Welcome to Intuitive Development Level I. In this first level you will learn the fundamental principles of intuition and how to surrender to this and the many aspects necessary in becoming an intuitive.

CAD 185.00

Intuitive Development Course Level II

In Level II Intuitive Development you will further learn to cultivate the wonderful treasures of intuition that lay asleep until they are motivated through your own intentions.

CAD 185.00

Intuitive Development Course Level III

In this third level you will go into the fundamental principles of the Intuitive Claires! These are Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance. You will learn to develop these essential processes.

CAD 185.00

Intuitive Development Course Level IV

Welcome to Intuitive Development Level IV. In this fourth level you will go into Surrendered Intuitive States, Meditation and Working with Synchronicities!

CAD 135.00

Qi Gong Daily Warm-Ups - for Energy Workers or General Interest

You will learn to hold the life force energy strongly within yourself (videos) to help your self and your clients in the best possible way. Creating greater health, personal endurance, life flow, inner peace and overall body, mind and heart balance

CAD 135.00

Qi Gong for Energy Workers and Their Clients - Sounds and Emotions of the Organs

Energy Workers or anyone with a significant interest in keeping their major body organs cleared, will discover the sounds and emotions associated with each organ and how to clear them for improved health and life flow...release anxiety, depression & more.

CAD 245.00

Reiki Level I Training

Reiki Level I Training
For personal relaxation, improved health, happiness and increased consciousness. Support for our self and for others!

CAD 245.00

Reiki Level II Training

Reiki Level II is available to those who have already completed their Level I training through the CSNSD. This is a wonderful training that will guide you to greater understanding of how health actually occurs, the use of the symbols and more...

CAD 49.99

The Art of Being Grounded

When you are truly grounded in such a profound way, as is possible through the Art of Grounding, you can release trauma, gain more physical energy and strength, feel more abundant and alive, release mental/emotional discomforts with greater ease and on...

The Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development trains individuals in Reiki, Intuitive Development/Counseling and Energy Therapies. A student may study further to become a Registered Integrative Naturotherapist. We are the only school offering this R.I.N. designation. Spiritual Development Courses are also available through our school and we will continue to create new courses to help people discover their inner wisdom and open to their higher consciousness for all to succeed.