Animal and Equine Reiki (ER) Full Practitioner Training

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Animal and Equine Reiki (ER) Practitioner Certification Trainings are marvelous high quality college level trainings. We are trying to make the Animal World a better place, one animal at a time.  Join us!  

Each training is provided to help make you the best educated of Animal and Equine (Horse) Reiki Practitioners.  The Animal Practitioner training was written by a Reiki Master/Teacher and Registered Integrative Naturotherapist with 20 years experience in Reiki. Our Equine Reiki training was created by a Rancher, Reiki Master/Teacher and Educator with a Master's Degree.

Whether you are learning about Reiki for your Pets, Horses or Farm Animals for the first time or have a great deal of animal, horse or farm animal knowledge already, you will find this course to be a very supportive tool for your enjoyment or work with any pet, horse, farm, zoo or refuge animal.

All students who sign up for the Equine Reiki Training must be 18 years of age or older and are fully responsible and liable in their Horse Reiki work and cannot hold Animal Reiki World and their affiliates responsible for their personal actions with horses and their guardians.